Why everyone on the team should participate in the interview process?

Prabesh Thapa
2 min readNov 20, 2020

Hello everyone,

i wanted to share some interesting things that happened to me in the workplace. I am sure this has happened to you guys as well.

After i joined Audinate, i have been given asked to sit in interview candidates who had applied for the position of Senior DevOps Engineer with more years of experience than me. I was never a chance to take,or even sit in the interview process. The perception is engineer cannot interview other candidates who have more experience than them. I had the same perception as well before joining here. I used to think the same, but i found its different here. I have worked in workplace when i was not even asked to join stand ups as i was working part-time and told its the organisation policy.This does 3 things to the person:

  1. Creates segregation among team.
  2. Removes feeling of being part of a team.
  3. Diminishes productivity eventually.

Right after i joined Audinate, during every interview, I was asked to sit in Interview for any candidate whether it’s senior or mid or junior. I was hesitant at first but eventually i got used to it. It’s good to see what happens on the other side of recruitment process as i always was on the interviewee side.

It was curious to me why they are doing so ? then my one of senior engineer got back to me saying “You will be spending everyday 8 hours working with him/her, you need to be assured that person is culturally and technically fit to work with you. the key is finding someone who you would enjoy working with — it does not matter if they a super smart, if no one can work with them, it’s best not to pick them”.

This has changed my perception how i used to see the things, and actually think this is correct from what i have experienced so far and also would definitely follow this process and encourage behaviour through out my life.This was a great experience with me and wanted to share with you guys.

I encourage if possible do this in your work place as well, as this is effective, really really effective. It not only creates sense of ownership, it also makes people feel appreciated and inclusive in their workplace. It creates positive environment and also removes the chance of hiring toxic personalities.



Prabesh Thapa

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